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Franklin Electric SubDrive constant pressure systems are used in homes all over the country. SubDrive family constant pressure products can be installed in new water well systems, as well as existing well and municipal systems. So, if you're building a new home, replacing an old system or just looking to upgrade your traditional system, Franklin's complete line of residential and light commercial variable frequency drives offer a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution.

Simply wire it up, flip a switch or two, and you instantly have a motor protection, pressure boosting, and constant pressure solution for a variety of applications, ranging from 1/3 hp up to 5 hp for 115 V and 230 V single-phase 2-wire, single-phase 3-wire and 3-phase submersible and above ground pumping systems.

  • Easy-to-Install Solutions: Cost-effective, simplified systems make new installations and retrofit applications painless
  • A Solution for Every Challenge: An extensive catalog of product solutions from one manufacturer fulfills a variety of application needs
  • Made by Experts: All components designed, validated, manufactured specifically for water pumping applications by Franklin Electric, to incorporate more than 15 years of drive engineering expertise
  • Backed by the Experts: Backed by the industry's leading technical support experts, solving over 79,000 challenges by phone and providing 1,200 on-site solutions annually

Constant Pressure Well Products

In Franklin Electric SubDrive systems, a pressure sensor continually adjusts the speed of the pump, matching water demand. Instead of draining and filling a tank, this system provides continuous pressure regardless of water usage. Click here to learn more.

Subdrive MonoDrive Family Grouping

Other Innovative Pressure Solutions From Franklin

FE Inline Family Product Grouping

Whether you're looking for pressure boosting, constant pressure, or pressure regulation, the Inline product portfolio provides the right tools to bring your customer's challenges under control. Ideal for new or existing applications, your customer will have the water they need when they demand it. Click here to learn more.