Franklin Electric SubDrive constant pressure systems improve the way you use water and provide added value to your home. SubDrive systems accommodate a wide range of flow demand, allowing your family to use the water they need, when they need it.

With constant pressure capabilities adding on to your home doesn't mean weaker water, shower schedules are eliminated, lawn irrigation isn't a hassle, appliances work more efficiently, water treatment is more effective and space is saved with a smaller tank (well owners).

A Franklin Electric SubDrive constant pressure system provides:

  • Installs in existing water systems. No need for construction.
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Choice of pressure settings
  • Built-in pump system protection
  • Electronic protection features
  • Works with existing pressure tanks or smaller tanks can be used
  • Easy installation

So pamper yourself while increasing the value of your home. Add the body shower you've always wanted. Install a sprinkler system or add an extra bathroom. Whatever your water needs, Franklin Electric SubDrive systems are up to the task.

Finally, it's possible to run the shower, wash the laundry and water the lawn, all at the same time — with increased and consistent pressure.